1. Roadtripping somewhere near Skógafoss 

    Iceland, October 2014

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  2. Taking the steam train for some filming on a project for Glen Grant Whisky in the highlands last week. 

    Aviemore, Scotland, October 2014

  3. Driving towards Cannes late evening. 

    France, September 2014

  4. French Alps, September 2014

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  5. Insane thunderstorm I recently witnessed while working in the south of France. Although it doesn’t appear to be, this storm is miles and miles out at sea (I’m about a mile inland at this point). The storm was inaudible because of the distance but the lighting would fire across the clouds every 1-2 seconds.. For about 3 hours! This shot was a 25sec exposure. 

    South of France, September 2014

  6. 100mm Arri Master Macro + Sony A7R = Phwoar! 

  7. French Alps, September 2014

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  8. Great shooting location today - Lamborghini HQ, Italy. 

  9. Natalia Maus on set in Belgrade. 

    Belgrade, Serbia, September 2014

  10. James scouting for filming locations in Brooklyn

    Brooklyn, NY, June 2014

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  11. Goat ambush

    India, June 2014

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  12. The Old Man

    Hyderabad, India, June 2014

  13. Late evening sunshine of our holiday.

    Port De Soller, Spain, August 2014

  14. Flying into NYC

    NY, June 2014

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  15. Berlin welcomed their football heroes home 2 days after they won the World Cup. Half a million people turned up..

    Brandenberg Gate, Berlin, July 2014